About Redi-Rock

Redi-Rock is the world’s leading big block retaining wall system that utilizes wet-cast concrete blocks in excess of two thousand pounds. For your Redi-Rock Project choose between the cut limestone face or our new ledgestone face.

Redi-Rock can build tall gravity walls and even taller reinforced walls. Whether you’re looking for a simple complement to your landscaping or a major retaining wall, Redi-Rock’s innovative design is the solution to your needs.

The textured surface is very natural and appears like quarried stone when in place. Redi-Rock can be colored using a dry shake on powder when cast or stained in place after construction. After staining, a sealant or anti graffiti sealant is applied.


  • Waterways & Shoreline Protection
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Railroad Industry
  • Commercial & Residential Developments
  • Wing walls for Culverts
  • Golf Course Landscaping
  • Free Standing Walls
  • Security / Privacy
  • Landscaping Retaining Walls
  • Permanent Aesthetic Diking
  • Flood Storage
  • Retention Ponds
Redi-Rock works perfectly with the rolling hills in our area’s landscape. Redi-Rock walls can also be designed by an engineer which will ensure that your finished product is as architecturally sound as possible.

Many property owners have unusable real estate that they’re paying property tax on and with the use of Redi-Rock they have able to turn that land into usable property that they previously didn’t have.

As the leader in large block retaining wall systems, Redi-Rocks innovative design allows for stable wall construction up to thirteen feet in height, without the use of tie-backs, depending on the soil type. Much taller walls can be built utilizing geo-grid. The knob and groove blocks, although heavy, may be installed with the use of a small excavator, backhoe or skidsteer and two laborers.


Attention Landscapers!

Consider using Redi-Rock on your next retaining wall for your customers. Small dry-cast blocks are not always the answer. We can help you get started building the best big block retaining wall in the industry. For pricing or for more information Call 701-255-2302. You can also visit