Redi-Rock for your home

Installing a retaining wall on your property is a great way to enhance curb appeal while protecting your land from erosion. However, when you have a larger project, such as building a wall along a shoreline or leveling off a sloped yard, standard retaining wall block will not withstand the test of time. Redi-Rock is an innovative solution that provides excellent durability with minimal excavation — and is still aesthetically pleasing. Weisz & Sons Inc. is the only general contractor service in the Central North Dakota region to be Redi-Rock certified, and we produce the block locally, allowing us to customize the design and color to complement your home.
Residential Redi-Rock wall with steps

Why choose Redi-Rock for your retaining wall?

Redi-Rock truly offers the best way to maximize your property. These blocks offer excellent shore protection and erosion control along lakefront properties, as well as provide a strong support when leveling out a heavily sloped yard. Installing a Redi-Rock system allows you to build a taller wall with less excavation than traditional retaining walls because it doesn’t require an extra grid system behind it for support, meaning there’s less site damage and rehabilitation necessary once the job is complete. The blocks’ heavy weight and sturdy system design ensure they won’t eventually tip like traditional retaining wall blocks, even when put up against rising lake waters.

In addition to the blocks’ strength and durability, we build them to your unique specifications. The Redi-Rock blocks can be created in one of three different designs and can be colored to match or complement virtually any look, allowing for a variety of choices and combinations.

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Residential Redi-Rock wall with steps

Professional installation for a job done right

While retaining walls are generally a simple DIY task, it’s essential to have your Redi-Rock professionally installed. The blocks are quite heavy at 2,000 pounds each, and the systems must be installed correctly to provide the best results. If your home is located on a lake, we also ensure the system is built above the high water mark to add the best protection for your property. We are an established company that is familiar with these solutions, as our team has been working with Redi-Rock systems since 2005. So you can rest assured knowing the job will be done correctly and safely. Plus, we partner with local landscapers, so once the installation is complete, you can achieve the landscaped look you desire for a fully completed retaining wall project.

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