Multiple Wall Solutions with Redi-Rock

Redi-Rock is no longer just giant blocks to build tall gravity walls. Now gravity, reinforced, freestanding, and hybrid walls come together to create optimized solutions.

Mix & Match Wall Types to Find Your Complete Wall Solution

Gravity Wall blue icon

Gravity Retaining Walls

  • Build walls over 20 feet (6 meters) tall
  • Reduce excavation and use a smaller footprint without geogrid
  • Install quickly with a machine and small crew
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Reinforced Retaining Walls

  • Build walls over 50 feet (15 meters) tall
  • Eliminate geogrid connection failures with positive connection blocks
  • Support heavy live loads
Freestanding Wall blue icon

Freestanding Walls

  • Integrate parapets with other walls seamlessly
  • Build stand-alone structures
  • Create great looking results with texture on multiple sides
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Hybrid Walls

  • Blend gravity and reinforced sections
  • Combine precast modular blocks with cast-in-place
  • Maintain seamless appearance

Different Engineering Behind the Wall…

…same great appearance on the front of the wall.

Home featuring textured reinforced wall
Redi-Rock of North Dakota supplied this wall in the Ledgestone texture for a homeowner who wanted to maximize their backyard space. Oftentimes homes that are built into a hill lose out on a level backyard. Redi-Rock allows for the possibility of property maximization while being aesthetically pleasing.

Designing & Installing Curves, Corners & Batter Angles

With retaining walls, the details matter. The ability to bend a curve, turn a corner, or choose your batter are just three reasons why Redi-Rock is better than the rest.

Engineering curve options

Nice Curves

Because of each block’s trapezoidal shape, it’s easy to design and install inside or outside curves using Redi-Rock.

Engineering corner options

Sharp Corners

Whether it’s an inside or outside corner you’re turning, with Redi-Rock it will still look sharp.

Engineering setback options

Various Batter Angles

With various batter angles, you’ve got options on how best to get to the top of your wall!

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